Take the Project Into Your Own Hands

Take the Project Into Your Own Hands

We’ll tell you where to put your retaining walls in Missoula, MT

You’ve got the perfect DIY hardscaping project in mind, but you don’t know where to start. If you need a hand, call Western Hardscape in Missoula, MT. We offer homeowner consultations for those looking for direction while working on a hardscaping project.

Dial 406-396-5197 now to schedule a homeowner consultation.

4 things to consider before beginning a DIY hardscaping project

If you’d like to start a hardscaping project on your own, you can count on Western Hardscape for guidance. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before breaking ground:

  1. How big is your budget?
  2. Do you have a specific design or plan in mind?
  3. Do you know how long the project might take?
  4. Will you need the help of contractors for any part of the project?

Share your vision with Western Hardscape, and we’ll give you direction for your DIY project.